vrijdag 13 december 2013

En toen kreeg zij... een mooie hoed van mij! / And what did she get...a beautiful big hat!

       Gewoon even wat leuke foto's van klein popje 'Snowy' want ze is maar wat blij met haar mooie hoed vandaag!
Ze werd wel enorm afgeleid door haar nieuwsgierigheid: wat zit er toch verstopt in al die kleine laatjes???  :)

       Just some nice pictures of very little one 'Snowy' because she is very happy with her beautiful hat today! Do you see the flower? It is all Snowy's idea!
She did get distracted by her enormous curiosity: what is hiding in all those little drawers???  :)

Okay Snowy, now show us your hat, we can't see it, it's hanging on your back!

Please turn around, you curious doll!
Oh my, she is a nosy little one, isn't she?!


That's the spirit girl! Now just ONE more picture....
Hahaha....silly girl Snowy, I love you anyway!

1 opmerking:

  1. Love Annasoer,
    a great outfit! The last photo is really very funny :-) When I see your doll so, then I think a bit of spring ...



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