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Dearest visitors,

Making a blog takes me a lot of time, since I'm not so talented in that area. But I'm a dollsmaker, and I much rather work on my dolls and accessories....So I decided to put a translator on my blog for anyone who wants to know more about me, and doesn't know the Dutch language.  'De poppenmaakster' is all in Dutch. 
On my message-board I will try to write as much as I can in English

It's my passion to create and on this blog it's all about dolls! 
It' s my intention to make beautiful, warm, soft and appealing dolls. 
I hope they will be bought for children that will share a part of their childhood with this lovely companion. Depending on the imagination of the doll's little friend, the doll could become a great toy: for serious matters in the child's life or for light-hearted play (dressing the doll is also good for the fine motor control)

Het is mijn passie om iets te creëren en op dit blog draait alles om poppen! 
Het is mijn bedoeling om mooie, warme, zachte en aansprekende poppen te maken die gekocht worden voor kinderen die een deel van hun jeugd met dit schattige gezelschap zullen delen. Afhankelijk van de fantasie van het kind zal de pop een geweldig speelgoed kunnen worden: voor serieuze zaken in het leven van een kind of voor luchtig spel (de pop kleden is bovendien goed voor de fijne motoriek) 

Every doll I make, gets it's own page, where you can see more pictures  and in the same time everything that comes with the doll, like clothes, jewelry, pet, etc.

It's certainly my intention to keep my blog up to date with the new things I make and I hope you'll enjoy my creations!
If you like, you can leave a comment, become a follower or email me.

Thank you for your interest in my work,


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